Nov 20, 2021


Social 3.0

COUNTS, plural & ACCOUNT[ing]:


What we mean here is thAt there IS much disCOORDINATED WASTE. For example this [thing] i’m using is surprisingly devoid of ‘context’ AND ‘situation’. [iT] flags my spelling error; on mouse over [iT] gives ALL BUT relevant ‘offer’. Devs on anti-ESL.

The aspect of WASTE relates directly to [what] IS ‘missing’ [in] GAAP example; which, erringly spreads expense without appropriate detail, and counts physical scrap. This DOES NOT WORK in highly virtualized ‘worlds’, plural…. ALL IS OUT THERE… just Not valuably accounted.

SUCH ‘methodology’ WILL BRCOME BOTH a ‘new’ and pervasive ‘religiosity’ AND ‘practice’.