Refusal to UnderStand


“( 1 + 2 = [OO] infinite possibility )“

Singular Position Amidst Infinite Possibilities Of Outcome:

“Contextually, I say, this sunny view changes when WE turn discussion towards our own reciprocation with others.”

“Our refusal to understand that there is always a bigger picture that our little picture fits into is producing great cost. Costs that we pay for in ways we do not see.”

Costs that we pay for in ways we do not see:


Then WE Can Not Stand For Refusal to UnderStand various pieces of the whole. Said differently, one does Not get to deny that any Possibility exists save your own. Study is not one-off conclusion.

“Medians rise two ways; win, loose; and, win, win.”

Duplicity In Information:

“When WE follow the logic path; multiple perspectives exist; there are fact/truths that occur by way of widely observable event; and, when we allow finance to drive policy that rewards finance, then outcomes become both biased and heavily out of balance.”


“Relational Physics in large degree is about Trust. Though, trust itself is a concept that WE seem to have a very thing understanding of. The lack of understanding then actively being built upon in our automations.”


From a system perspective this is chemicals and chemical processing feedstock going into an organism with a high propensity for cellular abnormality that we can then only cure with very expensive and arbitrarily throttled application of even more chemistry. Nature Does NOT Work This Way.




Observation | Balance

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Observation | Balance

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